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Small (1-2")

Shells from 1-2" (up to 5 cm)

  • Money Cowrie

    Money Cowrie

    Name: The Monetaria moneta, commonly known as the money cowry, is a type of small sea snail, is in the Cypraeidae family.   Locations: This item is from Kenya but it resides in many different areas like: East and South Africa, the Red Sea,...

    Case Price: $11.52 - $21.60
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  • Ram's Horn Brown

    Marisa cornuarietis, known as the Colombian Ramshorn apple snail, is a type of large freshwater snail, part of the Ampullariidae, the apple snail family. The Ramshorn is found in Northern South America and Central America. Origin: USA S/N Maris...

    Case Price: $50.40
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  • Ring Top Cowrie

    Name: The monetaria annulus commonly known as ring cowrie or gold ringer is a type of sea snail, in the Cypraeidae family, the cowry.     Locations: This shell can be found in the Africa, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, India, Kenya and...

    Case Price: $11.52 - $14.40
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  • White Scallops (Argopecten Irrandians)

    Name: Argopecten irradians, used to be classified as the Aequipecten irradians, known as the Atlantic bay scallop or bay scallop, is an edible type of saltwater clam, and is in the Pectinaidae family.   Location: It is native to the northwest...

    Case Price: $21.60 - $28.80
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