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Tiny (Up to 1")

Shells up to 1" (up to 2.5 cm)

  • Money Cowrie

    Money Cowrie

    Name: The Monetaria moneta, commonly known as the money cowry, is a type of small sea snail, is in the Cypraeidae family.   Locations: This item is from Kenya but it resides in many different areas like: East and South Africa, the Red Sea,...

    Case Price: $11.52 - $21.60
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  • Ring Top Cowrie

    Name: The monetaria annulus commonly known as ring cowrie or gold ringer is a type of sea snail, in the Cypraeidae family, the cowry.     Locations: This shell can be found in the Africa, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, India, Kenya and...

    Case Price: $11.52 - $14.40
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