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Featured Items

47216 Assorted Pectens
Assorted Pecten Seashell 1" - 2"
Regular Price: $14.40
Case Price: $10.08
You Save: $4.32 (30 %)
Assorted Pecten Seashell 1" - 2"
47216- (Case of 144) Price:$0.10 each
Fighting Conch
Case Price:
Fighting Conch
Fighting Conch
47543 Pink Carribean Pecten
Pink Caribbean Pecten 7-8 cm Lacquered
Regular Price: $18.00
Case Price: $12.60
You Save: $5.40 (30 %)
Pink Caribbean Pecten 7-8 cm Lacquered
47543 (Case of 72) Price: $0.25 each
Pink Murex
Case Price: Starting at $6.00
Pink Murex
Pink Murex
25402 Tree Snail
Tree Snail
Case Price: Starting at $28.80
Tree Snail
Tree Snail
64213- Pygmy Seahorse
Pygmy Seahorse ¾"-1"
Case Price: $72.00
Pygmy Seahorse ¾"-1"
64213 (Case of 144) Price: 0.50 each
White Clam Rose 4" Boat
Case Price: $45.00
White Clam Rose 4" Boat
77025 (Case of 36) Price: $1.25 each
Milk Conch Horn 3-4"
Regular Price: $36.00
Case Price: $25.20
You Save: $10.80 (30 %)
Milk Conch Horn 3-4"
25063 3-4" (Case of 12) Price: $3.00 each
Garden Bag 10 LB
Case Price: $26.80
Garden Bag 10 LB
67430 (Case of 2) Price: $13.40 each
White Armoured Starfish
Case Price: Starting at $18.00
White Armoured Starfish
White Armoured Starfish
White Finger Starfish
Case Price: Starting at $15.96
 White Finger Starfish
White Finger Starfish


We strive to bring you world shells at the best price for quality shells. We have tropical shells and Caribbean shells and all kinds of holiday souvenirs! We hope to expand your shell horizons by the variety of allied products. You will find our state of the art facility mind blowing! We have nearly an acre of warehouse space located in the Tampa area. Our Caribbean imports include Conch King Helmets & Triton shells.

Our shell factory has been in our company for many years, based in Texas. We don’t all wear Stetsons but we do rejoice in both divisions. Our Shellz operation is soon to be open in Myrtle Beach and we hope to soar like eagles. It is not on the pacific but we have many starfish from there. We hope to have a WHALE of an impact on the East Coast tide line. So if you need shells and gift, look no further, we have shells from Florida Marine to all kinds of holiday souvenirs to fulfill your shell dreams!

Please feel free to call us at: (813) 677-6621

We are open from Monday thru Friday 8AM – 4PM and by Appointment Only on Saturday.

We also have a truck on the road year round. We currently cover from South Texas to Key West to the Jersey Shores.

Find premium beach décor and seashell crafts at Global Seashell Industries.
Our selection of bulk seashells, larger collector shells, and starfish varieties serve both the beach shop owner
and individuals planning a gathering or those who create seashell crafts as a job or hobby. 

We offer fine seashell art and other beach décor for the home that you will be proud to carry in your shop and your customers will adore. Home décor items featuring these gems of the sea are both beautiful and whimsical;
offering a touch of the sea long after a vacation to the east coast has ended.

For special events, you can also find beach wedding decorations and party packs for luaus and other gatherings.
Our selection of loose shells can also be ideal for creating center pieces or other accent for the event theme.
Our wholesale inspirational gifts make fine commemorative items for a wedding or other religious event.

Another unique item that we offer is hermit crabs and accessories.
If you own a souvenir shop and wish to create a display, buy live hermit crabs 
and all the accessories you need to make these fun pets a premium offering in your shop.
We have the crabs, decorative shells for them, cages, food, and even books on caring for hermit crabs.

We want to be your one source for all gifts of the sea. Browse our wide selection and place your order today.
Feel free to give us a call for more information about our products or the ordering and shipping process.

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